Spelling has been a trial and error kind of thing for us.  We have been using ACE Word Building for spelling, but she has about 50 words per book.  Its just too much for her. A couple of weeks ago, I started trying something on our own which has worked pretty well.  I found the concept at Unique Teaching Resources , this is a great site.  I’ve used some of her book report templates and Abby and Kristin have really enjoyed them.  Getting back to spelling, her philosophy is to build your own spelling word list.  You get 7 words from the most commonly used words in our language, 7 words from the most commonly misspelled words in our language, and 7 words from a spelling rule.  So you only have 21 words per week.  For Abby that has been more manageable.  I had to look up the basic spelling rules, but from there it has been easy.

I am going to try another program also with Abby.  Its called Sequential Spelling.  They have a website if you would like to check them out.  I think this program will help Abby start from the easiest words and work up.  I also think it will help her gain some confidence with her spelling.  I’m hoping to use this program with both the girls.  It has a pretty good remedial tract, if the student needs more help. I’ll post on how it’s going as we work through each program.