For the past three weeks, we have been traveling.  I know that as homeschoolers we can take our work with us, but I didn’t know how hard that was going to be.  I worked hard to get everything together to take with us.  Abby and I took the mornings to do schoolwork, and then played or went sightseeing in the afternoons.

One of the things I have incorporated into our lessons, is geography based on where we have been. I found a cool site, Your Child Learns, where you can print maps up to 8 pages by 8 pages.  The larger ones would be great to fill a wall, but we made our just 2 x 2, so we could fold it and put it in a folder.  I also printed a one page map of each state we went to with the adjacent states on it.  This gave Abby a chance to look at where the state was and what states touched it.  On the large US map, we traced our travels, putting each stop on the map and then connecting the dots.  It is so much fun to see on the map where we have been. 

On our way to Cincinnati, we stopped at The Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.  It was one of the greatest stops we made.  On our US map, we put The Creation Museum down.  I want us to remember not only the cities, but the great places we visited as well.  Another example, is the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee that we came through to get home.  There were breathtaking.  I’ve never seen scenery so beautiful.

Some of the problems have been so much time actually on the road, which puts us behind on schoolwork.  We also have problems concentrating in a hotel room.  I love seeing different places and showing Abby all kinds of places in our wonderful country, but I don’t won’t her education to suffer.  Near the end of our journey, we were doing better.  I think some of the “new” was over by the third week, so she was able to get down to work better.

Are there others that homeschool and travel?  What kinds of things do you do to maximize your experiences?  What problems to you come up against?