Jordan’s graduation and geocaching

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Friday night was my nephew, Jordan’s graduation.  I can’t believe he has gotten so old.  They grow up so fast.  We did take both our visiting Flat Emily and Abby’s new Flat Sarah.  They seem to really enjoy themselves.  My mom and Aunt Jane got in on the fun as well.  We are so proud of Jordan, he has worked very hard and has received almost $6,000 in scholarship money.  Congratulations Jordan!!!

Abby holding her Flat Sarah and her cousin Emily holding Flat Emily.



Jordan is the one smiling at me with that “oh I can’t believe she is taking my picture” look.







I have discoved geocaching.  My sister-in-law introduced me to this yesterday and we have found 5 already.  It is a “game” where you use your phone’s GPS and an app to look for small “caches” that people have hidden.  Some of them have things you can trade, as long as you put something in you can take something out.  Others are very small and only have the log that you sign.  You then go online to the webpage and log that you found the cache.  In our area alone there are over 200.  And we are a small community.  Abby and I are planning on doing some geocaching in Washington this next week.  It is so much fun.  Many of the places the caches are hidden are historical in nature and the descriptions give a lot of history.  Check it out at geocaching.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sabbath. 



This week in our school.

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This week we have been very busy.  This was our official last day of school, so we needed to get alot done.  Abby has actually done very good this year.  She has all As except for a B in spelling.  Kristen had 4 As and 2 Bs.  So she did good as well.

We received our first Geobox this week from Florida.  We were so excited to get it and are just about ready to send ours out.  Here is a picture of the items in our geobox.


Abby’s favorite thing was the donut seeds.   I think Kristen liked the Sand Cake.


 We also received our first Flat Traveler.  Her name is Flat Emily and she will be going with us to Washington DC.  We haven’t made our Flat Travelers yet, but I’m hoping to get them finished soon.  Probably after we get back from DC.  Here is some pictures of Abby reading to Flat Emily and teaching her some basic math.  Kristen had left so she didn’t get in on the pictures.


I’ll post more pictures of our Flat Traveler’s adventures in DC next week.

Summer Bucket List


I found a website that is hosting a Summer Bucket List.


So We’ve decided to make one for ourselves.  So here it goes:

1.  Go to the beach

2. Go to the zoo in Memphis

3.  Roast marshmellows in the backyard.

4.  Go to a Memphis Red Birds game.

5.  Catch fireflys and observe them.

6.  Play disc golf as a family.

7.  Play putt putt golf.

8. Participate in Summer Reading program at the library.

9.  Go to Summer Movies at mall.

**More to come **