This week we have been very busy.  This was our official last day of school, so we needed to get alot done.  Abby has actually done very good this year.  She has all As except for a B in spelling.  Kristen had 4 As and 2 Bs.  So she did good as well.

We received our first Geobox this week from Florida.  We were so excited to get it and are just about ready to send ours out.  Here is a picture of the items in our geobox.


Abby’s favorite thing was the donut seeds.   I think Kristen liked the Sand Cake.


 We also received our first Flat Traveler.  Her name is Flat Emily and she will be going with us to Washington DC.  We haven’t made our Flat Travelers yet, but I’m hoping to get them finished soon.  Probably after we get back from DC.  Here is some pictures of Abby reading to Flat Emily and teaching her some basic math.  Kristen had left so she didn’t get in on the pictures.


I’ll post more pictures of our Flat Traveler’s adventures in DC next week.