I have been looking into curriculum for next year and I think I have decided what we will be using this coming school year.  First of all let me introduce you to a wonderful website I have come across, Homeschool Free Stuff.  This is a wonderful website.  She has done a lot of research and found some great free sites.  She probounds that you can homeschool totally free.  Check it out and tell me what you think. 

My Curriculum:

Language Arts – I’ll be using many things from the above website, Homeschool Free Stuff

                                 Grammer – Easy Grammer and Daily Grams

                                 Spelling – Super Teacher Worksheets

                                 Writing – Young Novelist Workbooks

                                  Reading – I’ll be using “living” books as well as some novel studies

Math – Math U See

History –  The Story of the World

                     Homeschool Free Stuff

Geography – US States – this will be my own curriculum.  If anyone is interested in what I’ll be doing just let me know.

Science – Classic Science Life Science

I’m excited about this next year.  Most of my curriculum is free.  The only things I will be paying for is “The Story of the World” ($66), “Math U See” ($100), “Easy Grammer” and “Daily Grams” (these two I already have, but they run about $33 and $25).  All the rest of it is free on the different websites.