We have been doing a unit study called “Flag Day” from Amanda Bennett.  It is really good.  My only thing about it is she says it is a one week study, but its taken us about a month to get through it.  The history is great and the lapbook/notebooking components have been wonderful also.   If you’ve never tried one of these units you should check them out.

The Flag Day unit is all about Flag Day.  We’ve studied what flag day is, who first came up with flag day,  and who made the first flag.  We have also studied about the National Anthem and the constitution.  During the unit we also learn about some wonderful people in history.  The people we have studied are Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, John Adams, and Samuel Adams.  This unit has been a true study in American history.  The girls have had so much fun.  They have made a song book, written poems, made a timeline of flags, made a mini book of vocabulary words and much, much more.  Below are some of the things they have done during the unit.

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*Pictures by Abby Stanley