Getting ready for the School year.

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Eventho I’ve already started our school year, I’ve been looking for a better way to organize.  I found this group, the Home Mangement group at the Homeschool Lounge, and I’m ready to put these ideas to work.  I am going to put together a Home Notebook.  I do think I will leave my homeschool planning separate from the home planner though.  If you’re interested in this check out the group, but I did find a couple of websites,

Organized Home  at this site there is a link for a Home Notebook,

and Donna Young’s Homeschool Planner.  Both of these site are great!  They are both listed on the Home Mangement page, but I thought I would list them here for you.  You will find just about everything you will need to organize your life and your homeschool.

I have also put together my geography curriculum.  It is a survey of the U.S. states.  Every week your child will travel to a state by way of googelmaps, fill out a report, do map skills, research a famous person, and more for each state.  If you are interested, please email me.  I’ll be putting up pictures of the Geography curriculum soon.

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I’ve found some really cool homeschool websites.

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I was surfing around the web today and I found some really nice homeschool websites.  So I thought I would share them.

Hip Homeschool Moms

The Homeschool Lounge

Heart of the Matter

iHomeschool Network

Check them out!

Some Summer fun ideas!

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Here are some great Summer fun ideas:  To go to the page, just click on the image.

water sponge balls

super slip and slide

homemade sidewalk chalk


melty crayon colors

ice diggers

Very lonely firefly craft

summer journaling

I love this idea, so I made a journaling sheet myself.  I haven’t figured out how to add a document, so If you would like a copy of my sheet just email me.

New Resources

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I have found some great resources and I thought I would pass them onto “you.

This is a wonderful site called “Growth of a Nation” –   It is a movie that you watch and listen to narration about how our country has expanded through the years.  A timeline is included at the bottom of the screen.

This site is full of great vocabulary games.  I sat here for an hour playing one after another.

This site has reading and math assessments.

If you like the Magic Treehouse books, you can go to this site and your child can take quizs on each book.

I also found a great writing prompt site, but I can’t find the address.  It was so good I went ahead and made cards for it and Abby has loved doing it.  So I thought I would just explain it.  There are four sets of cards, Character, setting, time, and situation.  Each set has 10 cards with a different prompt on it.  Your child them picks a # from 1 to 10 for each set.  Then they write a story with the prompts they picked.  Here are the cards:

Characters: 1) a new mother, 2) a photographer, 3) a recent high school graduate, 4) a restaurant owner or manager, 5) an alien from outer space, 6) a homeless child, 7) a 93-year old woman, 8)an environmentalist, 9) a college student, 10) a jazz musician.

Setting: 1) near a National forest, 2) a wedding reception, 3) a celebration party, 4) an expensive restaurant, 5) a shopping mall, 6) a city park, 7) the porch of an old farmhouse, 8)a polluted stream, 9) a college library, 10) a concert hall.

Time: 1) during a forst fire, 2) after a fight, 3) the night of high school graduation, 4) after a big meal, 5) sometime in December, 6) late at night, 7) after a big thunderstorm has passed, 8)in early Spring, 9) first week of the school year, 10) during a concert.

Situation: 1) an important decision needs to be made, 2) a secret needs to be confessed to someone else, 3) a bully is bothering the main character, 4) a death has occurred, 5) someone has found or lost something, 6) someone has accussed someone else of doing something wrong, 7) a friend has confessed stealing some money, 8)someone feels like giving up, 9) something embarrassing has just happened, 10) someone has reached an important goal.

I hope you can understand that.  If not just email me.



Teaching children integrity

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I just found a great site for teaching children Christian values and integrity.  The site is Kids of Integrity.  They have some wonderful lessons on many subjects such as: obedience, joy, and gentleness plus many, many more.  They also have a Parent’s Guide, a blog and some other resources.  This site is from Focus on the Family Canada.  Go check them out!  You might find something you really enjoy.  I plan on using this site as our Bible and Character Study this coming year.