I have found some great resources and I thought I would pass them onto “you.

This is a wonderful site called “Growth of a Nation” –  http://www.animatedatlas.com/movie2.html   It is a movie that you watch and listen to narration about how our country has expanded through the years.  A timeline is included at the bottom of the screen.

This site is full of great vocabulary games.  I sat here for an hour playing one after another.  http://www.vocabulary.co.il/

This site has reading and math assessments.  http://www.dpi.state.nd.us/title1/resource/select/index.shtm

If you like the Magic Treehouse books, you can go to this site and your child can take quizs on each book.  http://www.magictreehouse.com/

I also found a great writing prompt site, but I can’t find the address.  It was so good I went ahead and made cards for it and Abby has loved doing it.  So I thought I would just explain it.  There are four sets of cards, Character, setting, time, and situation.  Each set has 10 cards with a different prompt on it.  Your child them picks a # from 1 to 10 for each set.  Then they write a story with the prompts they picked.  Here are the cards:

Characters: 1) a new mother, 2) a photographer, 3) a recent high school graduate, 4) a restaurant owner or manager, 5) an alien from outer space, 6) a homeless child, 7) a 93-year old woman, 8)an environmentalist, 9) a college student, 10) a jazz musician.

Setting: 1) near a National forest, 2) a wedding reception, 3) a celebration party, 4) an expensive restaurant, 5) a shopping mall, 6) a city park, 7) the porch of an old farmhouse, 8)a polluted stream, 9) a college library, 10) a concert hall.

Time: 1) during a forst fire, 2) after a fight, 3) the night of high school graduation, 4) after a big meal, 5) sometime in December, 6) late at night, 7) after a big thunderstorm has passed, 8)in early Spring, 9) first week of the school year, 10) during a concert.

Situation: 1) an important decision needs to be made, 2) a secret needs to be confessed to someone else, 3) a bully is bothering the main character, 4) a death has occurred, 5) someone has found or lost something, 6) someone has accussed someone else of doing something wrong, 7) a friend has confessed stealing some money, 8)someone feels like giving up, 9) something embarrassing has just happened, 10) someone has reached an important goal.

I hope you can understand that.  If not just email me.