Eventho I’ve already started our school year, I’ve been looking for a better way to organize.  I found this group, the Home Mangement group at the Homeschool Lounge, and I’m ready to put these ideas to work.  I am going to put together a Home Notebook.  I do think I will leave my homeschool planning separate from the home planner though.  If you’re interested in this check out the group, but I did find a couple of websites,

Organized Home  at this site there is a link for a Home Notebook,

and Donna Young’s Homeschool Planner.  Both of these site are great!  They are both listed on the Home Mangement page, but I thought I would list them here for you.  You will find just about everything you will need to organize your life and your homeschool.

I have also put together my geography curriculum.  It is a survey of the U.S. states.  Every week your child will travel to a state by way of googelmaps, fill out a report, do map skills, research a famous person, and more for each state.  If you are interested, please email me.  I’ll be putting up pictures of the Geography curriculum soon.

Until next time,