I have been asked what curriculum we are using for this school year.  So I thought I’d put it up.


We are doing daily devotions using, “100 days to a radical change.”  I’m looking into some other devotion books to continue with.

Language Arts:

Grammar: We use ACE

Spelling:  I am using spelling list with a combination of spelling rules, sight words, and words from her science or history.

Reading:  In reading we are in a small co-op book club, plus she is doing the American Girls Club online.   

Writing:  I have found a wonderful website:  www.homeschoolfreestuff.wordpress.com   Many of the free online resources I have found, I have found here.  For Writing, we are using a textbook I found on this site.  It is called The Young Writers Workbooks.


Math: We are using ACE.  My daughter loves the smaller PACE books.

Science:  For science I found this great free textbook.  The website is:  http://eequalsmcq.com/classicsciinfo.htm   So far we are really enjoying it.  We are also doing this with the small co-op.

History:  We have just started “The Story of the World”.  We got both the book and the workbook.  I like it very much.

Geography:  I have explained our Geography in the post just before this one.  So please look at it.

You can click on any of the pictures and go to the website for that particular resource.

If you have any questions, please ask.