Christmas Around the World

Dec. 6, 2011

Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas.  I’m so happy you are here and I hope that you will enjoy this Christmas Around the World lap book.

 Before we begin, I want to remind you that I have two more Tuesdays before Christmas. My subjects for those two web casts will be Hanukkah next Tuesday, Dec. 13th, and then Christmas traditions on December 20th. So I hope you will come back and participate in those web casts as well.

For today’s web cast I decided my subject would be Christmas around the world.  To make it just a little simpler, I decided to do the same mini books for every country.  So we will be doing a Tab book, a shutter fold book, and a matchbook.  We will also do two pockets.

The pockets we will do will be for all the countries and will be for recipes and songs.  So lets go ahead and do those two.  I’ve already folded my lapbook, but if you need to see that done you can look at the Thanksgiving lap booking 101 video.  I show how to fold a lapbook and how to put in an additional flap.  Now for these two pockets, you need to decorate the pocket first, and I’ve realized that’s easiest done before it is even cut out.  So after you decorate it with the title and some color, you then cut it out.  If you watch the lap booking 101 video, you know that you put glue on only the flap parts to make the pocket.  Now we are going to put these two pockets on the inside flaps of the lapbook. 

Now for the rest of the lapbook you will use the three mini books.  The Tab book will be used to find general information about the country; the capital, the currency, famous landmarks, and a fun fact.  The Shutter fold book will be about Christmas in that country: Preparations, tradition, Christmas greeting, and something special they do in that country.  The matchbook will be for the flag of that country.

The next step is to pick the countries you will be studying.  I’ve got information on 10 countries that I will make available as well as the mini books and pockets. 

So lets put together one country today.  We will be doing Australia.

Let’s start with the tab book.  I picked this tab book because it has lines.  I like having lines, especially for the younger children. For older children you can have them find additional information. For example, they could look up exchange rates for the currency or population of the capital city.  In this mini book we will be looking at general information about Australia.  We found that the capital of Australia is Canberra and the currency is dollars.  One famous landmark is the Sydney Opera House.  Also Australia is the only country that is also a continent.  Our fun fact is that Australia is called “the land down under”.  This is because it is the only continent that is fully “under” the equator.   So now lets put it into the lapbook.  I’ve decided to do five countries in this lapbook.  One country per page.

Now the Shutter fold book is for the Christmas information for each country.  For Australia we found that they prepare about the same as we do.  They trim a tree and decorate their house.  Their decorations are a bit different though.  They decorate with bush plants such as wattle flowers and bottlebushes.  For their traditions, they are different as well.  Since Christmas is celebrated during their summer season, many families have a Christmas BBQ or a picnic on the beach. Another fun tradition is their desert is a flaming Plum pudding that has a favor baked inside and the person that finds the favor will have good luck during the next year.  Our Something Special is Boxing Day.  This is celebrated on the day after Christmas and this is where people give gifts to the lay people in their lives such as their postman or garbage man.  The Christmas greeting for Australia is either Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas.  So now let’s put this one into the lapbook.

The last mini book is the matchbook that we will do the flag on.  I went and got a picture of the flag, but you could also have your child draw the flag.  I also labeled the bottom of the matchbook so that it would show that this is Australia’s flag.  And this one goes into the lapbook too.

As you can see I now can move on to the next country and that will go on the next page.  For this lapbook you will need to use the back of the flaps.

If you are interested in this lapbook as a file, it is for sale for $3.00.  You can pay through paypal and the email for that account is

Please email and let me know your email address so that I can send you the file.  In this file you will have information for 10 countries, as well as the three mini books and the two pockets with their cards.

Also I still have the lapbook resource available for $15.  If has 15 mini books in it.

I hope you enjoyed this webcast because I enjoyed doing it.  Remember next week we will be discussing Hanukkah.  We will look at the meaning, traditions and how to of this beautiful celebration.

Thanks again!