Good afternoon.  Today we will be discussing planning for the coming year.  I thought this week would be a great day to begin looking at what we want to accomplish in 2012.  I want us to look at academics, but we will also look at what we want to accomplish in our lives spiritually as well.

So let’s jump right in.

My very first step in planning my year is to begin by praying.  I pray that the Lord will show me where my priorities need to be.  That I will listen to His voice throughout the year, so I want miss an opportunity He has for me.  And I pray that He will lead me in all I do everyday of the year.

My second step is to begin the planning process. One of the best ways I know how to plan is to have a planner handy.  The very best planner I have ever found is one made my Joni Eareckson Tada.  She gives places for prayer requests, monthly planning, and daily planning.  She also encourages you throughout the entire year.  If you would like one of these planners they are available online at

The planner is on the first page under featured products.

One of the things Joni asks you to do on Jan. 1st is to choose an annual verse and memorize it.  I have found this to be very helpful.  So step 3 is to plan my verses for this year.  My annual verse is:  Roman 15:13.  I think scripture memorization is a very good way to keep our hearts and minds on Christ.  So I have planned to memorize one scripture a month.  That’s only 12 verses a year.  I don’t think it will be too hard.  I have gone ahead and written some of the verses I want to learn at the first of each month.

Another good practice is to have our children memorize scripture as well.  So step 4 is to plan verses for our children.  My daughter is 11, so I got her a planner also.  She has picked her annual verse and we will be looking at what verses I want her to memorize throughout the year also.  Her annual verse is:  Philippians 2:14-15

My next step is to look at any travel we might be doing and putting that into my planner.  My husband travels with her job, and Abby and I are privileged to be able to travel with him on many occasions.  So I have written down the travel we know about.  There are always others that come up, but you have to start somewhere.

Step 5 – I look at how many schools days we have.  Some of those school days will be while we travel.  We have learned to take our school with us.  While we travel we only do the basics, but we do work on keeping the basics on track.  So if I count the days left in this year we have about 88 days left.  Some of those days are travel days, but I count those as well.

Step 6 – I look at each subject and divide it into 88 days.  If it looks like there is too much work for 88 days, then I know I will need to add some days onto our total or we can do some Saturday mornings to catch up.  For me I like knowing where our stopping place is for the year.

For example:  For math and English we use ACE PACES.  I know she has 6 more math PACES and 5 more English PACES to go for the year.  If I say 88 divided by 6, I know she will need to complete one math PACE every two weeks.  Usually for English that is not a problem, but for math she will need to work pretty hard.  For English she has less to complete so I know she can do those without much help.

For Science we are using a curriculum I found online for free.  It has 36 chapters and we have finished 12.  So we are behind.  We will need to do at least 7 weeks of two chapters a week, or we can continue to work through the book during the summer.  Since she enjoys this science book and I don’t want to go to fast and her not learn the material well, I will continue this during the summer.

I do this for every subject and decide what needs to be done to complete the year.

Step 7 – I then print out a calendar for each month of the year through June.  And then go through and write the plans on the calendars.  I use calendars in a planning notebook separate from my planner just so I will have enough room for everything.  I like keeping the two separate for space reasons and so that I have a personal planner and a school planner.



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