Good afternoon,  I’m so glad you could join us today.  We’ll be talking about Geography and I’ll be showing you the curriculum that I wrote.  It’s a United States geography curriculum for grades 2nd through about 6th grade.  You could probably use it for 7th and 8th also.

But before we begin I’d like to thank everyone that participated last week in the Planning webinar.  That was my biggest audience to date.  Also for those of you that ask about the links, if for some reason you did not hear from me, please email me again.  I think I answered everyone, but I could have missed someone.

Today we are talking about Geography.  I’d like to tell you why I decided to write this curriculum.  While I was teaching in the public school, I saw so many children that didn’t know a state from a city.  And this was in 5th grade.  I don’t know how many times I asked for a state and got things like Atlanta, Chicago, or LA.  So I decided I wanted children to explore each and every state.

This curriculum is designed to explore a state a week.  So you aren’t getting into minute detail about each state, but an overview.  Here is the outline for the weekly assignments.  This should take less than 20 min. a day.  Now there a number of components of this curriculum.  You have the

1) report

2) the large wall map

3) the flashcards

4) passport

I also have a breakdown of the states if you want to go from one state to the next closes state and go all through the country like that.  The other option is to allow your children to pick the next state.  Just know the second option will be harder on your wall map because there will be lines everywhere.  Like ours.

Now how this works is the children will pick a state or you will use the next state on the list.  They will use Google maps or an Atlas to find the route between the state they just finished and the next state’s captial.  They will draw this route on the big wall map.  This map can be printed from a website.  I will give you that website at the end.  Then they will work through a report on the state.  Here are the pages of the report.  They will also do a page about a famous person from the state.

After the report is finished, they will color in the state on the wall map and put a stamp in their passport.  The stamps can be printed on plain paper and then glued into the passport or they can be printed on sticker paper.

The report is designed so that you print a report, a famous person sheet, and a one page map for each state.

The curriculum is for sale for $10.50.  You can send the payment to my PayPal account using this email address:

Then please email and let me know you have sent the payment and I will send the file to your address.