Good afternoon.  Today we will be discussing how to make a double and triple lapbook and how we can make lapbooks into gifts. 


First let me show you how to make a double lapbook.  All it takes is two file folders.  You fold both of them into a single lapbook.  You then glue two of the sides together.  Because you want these to stay together, I recommend using liquid cement.  It brushes on and will last longer than regular glue.  I also recommend using paper clips to keep them together until they dry.  Now as you can see we have double the space in the lapbook for the mini books.


Another fun thing to do is to make a pocket between the lapbooks.  To do this you brush the glue on the three sides of the flaps, leaving the outer flap without glue.  This creates the pocket.  This is a wonderful place to put anything the child would like to include to remember the year.  In a double lapbook you would have one pocket, but in the triple lapbook you could have two pockets.


To make a triple lapbook, the principal is the same.  You just add one more lapbook on the end.  I’m not sure if you could go one more or not.  I haven’t tried.  But the triple lapbook closes up nicely. I’ve put together one for you to see.  You can even use these as a mini science project type board.  They stand up really nice.  This is how you close the lapbook.  Now you have three large areas and six small areas to work with.


These can be used as gifts as well.  The one I’m working on is for a girl and it’s a journaling project.  Eventho its past the first of the year, I wanted to show you how I have put this one together.  I just happened to have pastel paper that went well with the file folders. I found the file folders at The Dollar Tree for only a $1 for the three.  This lapbook is a year’s worth of journaling.  The child will journal what happens during each month of the year.  It’s not a great amount of journaling, but it does get journaling started. I’ve also put together some extra things in the smaller spaces. 


To make the monthly books, I went to and got three of the simple fold books.  I used the ones that said “skinny”, because you want to be able to put four mini books per lapbook.  As you can see I wasn’t trying to be uniform, but just fit them onto the page.  The larger simple fold books are too big for the lapbook. I used two different methods for the mini books.  For the first one, I printed out two of the books, cut them out and then put them together.  Like this one.  The other type I printed out one book, then I took some notebook paper and traced around the mini book a couple of times. I cut out the paper smaller than the mini book and then put them inside the mini book as its pages.  You can use either of these methods or both.  I write each month’s name on a mini book and put them in the lapbook. 


The extra things I came up with were


New Year’s Resolutions

My Goals for this Year

My Summer Plans

My Goals for this School Year

My Birthday

My Year in Review


These will go on the flaps like this.  I’m putting summer plans and goals for the school year in the middle lapbook since that is where those months are.  The My birthday and year in review will go in the last lapbook.  


There are many other ways that you could make these into gifts.  A baby book journal, A summer fun journal.  Using pockets and the mini books you could make a wonderful picture album.  You could even make it a scrapbook.

I do have the lapbook Resource for sale.  This is a lapbook I made with about 15 different minibooks displayed in it. The resource is for sale for $10 using my paypal account (  Please email me and let me know you have bought it and what address to send the resource.


I hope you enjoyed this webcast and I hope you can use some of the information.  Remember next week my topic will be Notebooking 101.