Today we discussed different Science curriculum.  I presented two: Classic Science and Apologia Elementary Science.

Classic Science is a free online science curriculum.  It can be found at Classic Science. So far we are enjoying it.  I don’t think it is Christian based but I haven’t found anything objectionable.  We have studied what science is, abiotic and biotic, biomes, organisms and have just started on a chapter on Planets.  I have printed off the units as we get to them.  It has been suggested that the students can read the material online and then you only have print out the puzzles and questions at the end of each chapter.  There are also activities that are listed in the Teacher’s guide which you also download for free.  The outline for this curriculum is one day reading and answering questions and then two days doing the experiments/activities.  It’s a great curriculum.  This is the only one that this particular person has for free.  He is hoping you like it so well, you will come back and buy the others.

Apologia many of you know about.  It is Christian based, and is very comprehensive.  The cost is around $60 for both the book and the notebook.  The notebook is well worth the price.  It is in a “notebooking” format, so it gives your child an artistic outlet.  I really like it!  There is Botany, Astronomy, Zoology I, II and III (Flying Animals, Swimming Animals, and Land Animals).  There is also Anatomy.  The website to check it out is Apologia Science.

Some of the other curriculums that were mentioned were:

Joy Hakim’s – Story of Science

Little Otter’s Science  and  Otter’s Science

Considering God’s Creation

Winter Promise

I failed to mention another curriculum that I have found.  The website is

On her page she lists a curriculum that she wrote.  It is listed on the left hand side of the page, the first link “Free Curriculum – homeschool for free”.  Then click on the Earth Science link.  This curriculum looks very good!!  All of the material that she references is on that page. I really like it!

Another one that I liked was: Otter’s Science.  You scroll down to just past “Testimonies”.  Then click on  Otter’s Elementary Homeschool Science Curriculum.  Then scroll down to where she lists the weeks.  It looks like a good curriculum as well.  You do have to either buy or find the books at the library, but it has some very good stuff.

The other links that were shared are:  –  This is puzzle maker site. – This website has many different subjects you can cover.  I think it would be great as supplement to any lessons you might have. – This is free Aviation course for high schoolers. – This website has many books that will go well with all subjects.  The books can be downloaded or read online. –  The is a sustainable agriculture curriculum that is also free.  It is on a high school level.  But the lady that presented it said her 7th grader was doing fine with it.


I hope this helps.  Don’t forget we will be discussing Language Arts next week, Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 3:30pm Central time.

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week.