Today we are talking about Language Arts Curriculum.  But before we do that I’d like to tell you about two Science related things I found since last week.  The first one is on the website, .  If go click on “free curriculum” and then scroll down just a little and look at her Earth Science.  It is really good.  She wrote the curriculum herself.  The other is found on the “Answers in Genesis” site.  It is 11 booklets that I think are great.  The site is Answers in Genesis.

So I would first like to show you the curriculum I am currently using.  For English/Grammar we are using ACE.  The reason I like this curriculum is because it is comprehensive and compact.  We also like the diagramming feature.  Abby really seems to do well with that.  Most children connect abstract ideas better, if they can use more senses than just hearing and seeing.  The diagramming does that.  For writing we use Writing Strands level 3.  She doesn’t like it, but she is doing well in it.  Spelling we are doing are doing our own thing, but we will begin using Sequential Spelling.  I really think it is a good program. We started it but then let it go by the wayside, but I think we are going to stick with it this time.  Abby doesn’t spell well, so I really need to work harder on that subject.

This week I got my friends involved so I have a couple of other curriculum to share.  One of the best programs that I know of is Easy Grammar and Daily Grams.  Together they are truly the best program around.  I think the only downfall is that they don’t do any diagramming.  Another curriculum is using the Spalding Method.  It is The Writing Road to Reading.

I also found three different online, free curriculum that I would like to share.  –  Daily Grammar.  This is an online curriculum that can be printed out.  –  Old Fashioned Education.  This site has an entire curriculum.  –  KISS Grammar.  This is a revolutionary program to teach grammar.  It is different, but what I saw it looked good.  It is very intensive!

During the webcast there were many other suggestions.  So I will list those here: – Scott Foresman online grammar – Garden of Praise Grammar Songs – Grammar for Homeschool – Language Art Forms – Great Grammar Adventure – Excellence in Writing website – The Grammar Revolution- Grammar the easy way – The Teacher’s Guide – Grammar Printables – Donna Young – Grammar


I hope this helps everyone in looking into your Language Arts programs before going to the Homeschool Conventions.  I’ll see you next week.  Don’t forget to bring your math suggestions.  And then on April 3rd we will be discussing Literature.

Have a wonderful week!