Today we will be discussing having fun with Science during Summer Vacation time. I don’t know how many of you will be continueing to school during the summer as we will, but we need to have some fun during this time as well. We need to allow our children time outside. I’ve done some research and found some really fun science activities to do during the warmer months. They are fun but educational as well. Many of these activities will be good to do outside. Many also are just plain messy, so doing them outside would be prudent.

One of the first things we need to do as we begin our Summer Science fun is to make Science Journals for our children. They can be as plain as a notebook from Walmart or as elaborate as your child would like to make them. Have your child write in their journal everyday, telling what they did, what happened during an experiment, recording growth of plants, and on and on.

Some of the best activities I found are:

Soda Bottle terrarium

Balloon science

Flower Science – where you use water with food coloring in it to see how water travels up the flower.

Make Your Own Cloud  –  The warm water and the match heated the air inside the jar. The warm, wet air rose up to the top of the jar and ran into the cold air just below the ice cubes. When the warm, wet air met the cold wet air, they created a cloud of water droplets. Instant cloud!

Blast Off  –  The straw with the attached balloon quickly moves across the string. The movement stops at the end of the string or when the forces acting on the balloon are balanced.

Film Canister Rocket  –  This website doesn’t show how to make it look like a rocket, but you can build the rocket around the film canister easily.

Bake a Chemistry Cake  –  Great one for girls.  They bake 4 small cakes one correct and the other three with something left out to see how they turn out.  In Science journal they record how leaving something out affected the cake.

Foam It!

Make Stalactites and Stalagmites  –  this one takes about a week or so to do, but the results are worth it.

Soda and mentos (more experiments for older students)

This website has a longer science fair type project for older children.

I’ve also been thinking of some other activities that can be done during the summer. I’ve looked up some good websites for some of these activities also.

Make or buy butterfly or bird feeders – then keep science journal on what comes to visit.

Make a butterfly house to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Plant flowers or vegetables in small pots and record growth.

Dissect a plant and/or fruit

Make an insect collection. This website will help you get started. Journal ideas for insect collection are record insects collected, names, scientific names, and where found. Older children could also research more about each insect.

I also found some other sites with Summer Activities that looked good also. These Site are: – Questions to answer – Nature

As I promised here is the Moon Phases website:

The two websites that were mentioned during the webcast are:

Next week’s topic will be  How to Incorporate History in your Summer Fun.