I’m back!!  I’ve been so busy this summer working and just going.  But we have started school, so I’m back at home.  We have had a great first couple of days.  I’ve gotten most everything going.  We still have a lot of work to do on the schoolroom.  Abby has a nice desk, but I don’t have a desk yet.  I’m hoping to have one soon.  Most of our schoolroom is still in boxes from the move.  So I will be working on those in the coming weeks.

Our Curriculum this year:

English – We will still be using PACES.

Writing – I’m doing my own thing plus using some Writing Strands.  I will be giving her writing topics and then we will work through the writing process.  I’ll write a post about our plan for this soon.

Reading – I’m using a couple of “Book Links” from BJU Press and then picking books and just reading.  I will be doing “mini units” with each book.

Spelling – I have lists I pulled from the internet and a weekly plan.  Monday – write the words in agenda and 3x each. Tuesday – ABC order.  Wednesday – pre-test and write 3 – 5 sentences using all the words.  Thursday – study.  Friday – Quiz.  I do 15 words per week.

Math – We have some review to do and then we will begin Saxon 65.

History – Mystery of History and using The Story of the World to enhance.

Science – We are finishing the science we started last year and then starting “Apologia-Flying Things”.

We will also be doing some additional unit studies and Art Studies.

So I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing with their beginning or when you will be beginning.

Until next time!