Our homeschool is going pretty well.  I am not only homeschooling my daughter, Abby, but also my nieces.  The grades I’m working with are 5th, 6th and 8th.  I’ve changed a couple of things since I wrote the post about what curriculum I was using, so I’ll try again.

For Abby we are using ACE for English and Math.  We have just started a Literature that I have had for a while.  It’s from Silver Burdett.  For writing I’m still doing my own thing.  I give her a topic and we go through the writing process.  For Spelling we have changed to Rod & Staff grade 6.  She and my youngest niece are doing it together.  For History we are using Mystery of History.  All three girls are doing the same thing for History and Science.  For Science we are using Apologia, Flying Things.  We are also doing a unit study right now from Amanda Bennett on Britian.  All three girls are real big One Direction fans, so I thought it would be a study they would enjoy.

For my younger neice I’m using ACE for English, Saxon 65 for math, the Silver Burdett literature gr. 5, and the other subjects the same as above.

For my older neice I’m using Easy Grammar for Englsih, Saxon 87 for math, Rod & Staff spelling gr. 8 and all the above.  She is doing an ACE reading book right now, but I have gotten her an ABEKA literature book.

All the girls have done very well this year.  I’m very proud of their progress.

Abby and I go to a co-op on Fridays that we are enjoying very much.  She is taking Sign Language and cooking classes.  She is also involved in a Keepers at Home  group that meets once a month.  We really love Keepers.  It is like girl scouts, but Christian.  The girls work on different projects and recieve pins.