Some Additions to our Curriculum for the coming year.

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Abby and I have decided to add a couple of things to her curriculum for this coming school year. The first is she will be taking Spanish. I found a website called 123TeachMe
There are enough lessons for the entire school year. I think it will work really well.

Another change will be her Reading and Writing. I’m still going to have her do a creative writing piece every week, but this website, All In One Homeschool, has some great curriculum. Abby will be doing the English 7 course, the Ancient History course and some of the computer course. She will do this independently as she needs to do some things on her own and this looks really good. There is some grammar in the English course, but until she finishes the English PACEs we have, she will continue using those. She will be doing just the Reading, Vocabulary and Writing portions. The author has all subjects available through 8th grade as well as some High School courses.

So that’s our changes. I’ll be updating our entire curriculum soon.

I’ve been working on our curriculum for next year and I decided to make our postcard exchange go further. I’ve made a worksheet for Abby to complete as we get postcards from each state. This is a one page sheet that covers things like state capital, largest cities, state symbols, population, bordering states, and famous people. There is also a map of the US that she will color in the appropriate state.

I tried changing the document to a jpeg, but I couldn’t get it to work. So if you would like a copy of the sheet please message or email me. There is no cost, but if you would like to donate $1, you can do that through PayPal using my email address.


Abby’s Creative Writing Notebook

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I’m not sure where I found this notebook, but I thought it was great! So we decided to make one. I really liked that it had sections, both teaching and her writing, all in the same place. We took a week just to set the notebook up and to do the “Writing Ideas” section. We also did one page in the “Writing Notes” section. So here are the sections of her notebook:

Table of Contents

Writing Ideas

My Writing

Writing Notes

Writing Goals

This week she has started writing and we have set some goals.

Here are a couple of pictures of her Notebook as well as some of the pages we did in the “Writing Ideas” section.

5 6 13 012

This is Abby’s cover. I recommend each student be allowed to decorate their cover. It makes it theirs.

5 6 13 015

This is the Table of Contents. To make it easier, have your students/children number all the pages in their notebook. Even if they pull one out, they will be numbered and they can then add them to the Table of Contents.

5 6 13 022

This is the first page in the “Writing Ideas” section. This is Abby’s Authority List. These are things she feels she has some authority writing about. Abby’s were: One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Deaf/Mute, Family, love, Acteens, Adventures.

5 6 13 017

This is the Heart Map. She had to list things she loves. Her list was: Reading, my computer, Bible, Jesus, Writing, my phone, my family, sleeping and helping people.

5 6 13 018

This is the Ideas for Writing. She was to write ways and places she could write for. Some of hers were: on a blog, on, letter to the editor, in a journal,m and Facebook.

5 6 13 019

This was her Memory Hand. Here she was to write feeling words on each finger such as happy, sad, angry, excited, nervous, and proud. She then wrote a memory that cooresponded to the emotion. These can then be used to “jumpstart” an idea for writing.

5 6 13 020

Here is her first writing assignment in her new notebook in the “My Writing” section. She recently went on a mission trip to Jackson, MS with her Acteens group. She had to write 5 paragraphs about her adventure.

5 6 13 021

This page is in the “Writing Notes” section. I used this with my 5th graders when I taught school to help them make their sentences better. I thought Abby could use it as well. On each finger you write: who, what, where, where, and why and then how goes on the palm. We did a lesson together using a simple sentence like, “We went to the store.” We then used the words on the fingers to make the sentence better. Example: Who – change We to Mom and I. When – Add yesterday. Why – add to get milk. Where – change the store to Walmart. How – add in the car. So the simple sentence was changed to “Yesterday, Mom and I went to Walmart in the car to get milk.”