Ok this week we have been busy, busy. We had a LeBonheur visit and the AFA packing party, so its been crazy.

English – She is in the middle of PACE 1066 and is doing pretty good. We are diagramming adjectives, adverbs, and direct objects.

Reading – She has finished “The Spy” and is now reading “The Bronze Bow”.

Writing – Abby did very good on her descriptive paragraph. For the next couple of weeks and into January, I will be allowing her to concentrate on her video project. So no separate writing.

Math – We are continuing to work on pre-algebra, fractions and decimals. This week we’ve been working on coordinate plane and some geometry. We are doing perimeter, area and area of a triangle.

History – I’m hoping we will be finished with Ancient Rome before Christmas.

Science – We haven’t done much science this week.

Project – I have assigned a video project for her to complete by the end of January. The assignment is to make a video about how people in our area view homeschooling. She is also going to do a section on “the truth of homeschooling” where she will interview some homeschooling families.

That was our week. I’d love to hear about yours. Put your blog address in the comments.

Thanks and have a blessed week!