Abby and I have decided to add a couple of things to her curriculum for this coming school year. The first is she will be taking Spanish. I found a website called 123TeachMe
There are enough lessons for the entire school year. I think it will work really well.

Another change will be her Reading and Writing. I’m still going to have her do a creative writing piece every week, but this website, All In One Homeschool, has some great curriculum. Abby will be doing the English 7 course, the Ancient History course and some of the computer course. She will do this independently as she needs to do some things on her own and this looks really good. There is some grammar in the English course, but until she finishes the English PACEs we have, she will continue using those. She will be doing just the Reading, Vocabulary and Writing portions. The author has all subjects available through 8th grade as well as some High School courses.

So that’s our changes. I’ll be updating our entire curriculum soon.

I’ve been working on our curriculum for next year and I decided to make our postcard exchange go further. I’ve made a worksheet for Abby to complete as we get postcards from each state. This is a one page sheet that covers things like state capital, largest cities, state symbols, population, bordering states, and famous people. There is also a map of the US that she will color in the appropriate state.

I tried changing the document to a jpeg, but I couldn’t get it to work. So if you would like a copy of the sheet please message or email me. There is no cost, but if you would like to donate $1, you can do that through PayPal using my email address.