Handwriting – Tips, Tricks and Curriculum

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Good afternoon.  Today we will be discussing Handwriting.  I have found some neat tools, some websites, and curriculum that I hope will be of some help in finding what works for your child.

The first website I found  is a website you can make your own handwriting sheets. You can use letters, words or sentences.  I am using verses.  I’m picking a verse per week that I want her to learn, I then give her a sheet like this ** the first two days.  I than give her an sheet like this ** the third day and then another sheet like this ** the fourth day.  On the fourth day she is to decorate it to give away.  This came from “A reason for writing”.


Another great thing that I am beginning to use is “The Calendar Notebook”.  It isn’t just for handwriting, it is mostly for math.  But it has a sheet in it that the child writes their name once a month.  So that they can see how they improve over the year.  The daily math sheets were for k – 2 grade, so I made one for the older grades. **  I’m excited about using this.  If you are interested in this notebook, please email me at cstanley@afr.net  and I will send you the link for the notebook.  If you would like the sheet that I created for older children let know that as well.

Some of the tools that I have found are:

Shorter pencils are great for encouraging proper grasp and decreasing the tendency to use an inappropriate grip.

Weighted Holders help with proper grip.

Handi-Writer – comfortable device that promotes correct positioning and hoding of a writing tool.

Another tool I found was “Make your iPad a writing tool” – This website talks about using certain apps to allow children to practice handwriting on an iPad.  And you know how much children love to play on iPads.



The different curriculum I found were:

Handwriting without Tears-


A Reason for Writing –


Draw… then Write –


Universal Publishing –


Horizons Handwriting –


Another great site I found that had handwriting lessons was:

Donna Young’s site –



Some sites that were suggested by listeners were:

Draw, Write, Now – This is a good curriculum that includes drawing lessons as well as writing.



New American Cursive:



New Schedule for Webcasts

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I am going to have to change my schedule for the next couple of weeks.  The Homeschool Channel will be streaming the Homeschool Conference from Memphis, TN, so I will not be doing a webcast for April 10th.

My new schedule is:

April 17th – Using the Internet in Your Homeschool

April 24th – Handwriting Curriculum and Tools

May 1st – Organizing Your Homeschool – Tools and Suggestions

May 8th – Creative Writing – The Writing Notebook and Process

Hope to see you there!