Our Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up

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This week has been a slow week for us because of illness, but I wanted to get back in the habit of doing a wrap-up.  So here I go:

Grammar – We finished PACE 1066 and she has started 1067.  We are working on adjectives and adverbs again.  This time around it seems to be easier.

Reading – In reading Abby is reading “The Spy”.  It is a little harder book, so I’m allowing her to listen to an audio version, which she of course loves.  She does have to read a chapter review and answer comprehension questions.

Writing – This week Abby is working on a descriptive essay.  She had to pick something to describe and is now going through the essay paragraph by paragraph.

Spelling – Our spelling list this week is contractions, academic words, and two sight words.

Math – We have been working on pre-algebra, fractions and decimals.  Today we did stem and leaf plots and Box and Whisker.  This was a little tedious, but it is necessary.

History – This week we started studying Ancient Rome.  We are studying architecture, battles, religion and much more.

Science – We have finishing up our study of “flying things” in the next two weeks.  This week we have been studying for chapter 10 test.

Well that’s it!!


Literature Curriculum Webcast

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Today we discussed different Literature curriculum.  I explained that I had a hard time finding Literature curriculum as stand only curriculum.  Most that I found were part of a full curriculum program.  I did find a couple of sites that had some interesting programs.

The Simple Homeschool – http://www.the-simple-homeschool.com/elementary-reading-list.html – This website has reading lists available to help you find books on your child’s reading level.

Weaving The Internet Through Your Elementary Literacy Curriculum  – http://www.lite.iwarp.com/weaveint.htm

Blackbird & Company – http://www.blackbirdandcompany.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=18/ – This website has book study guides that are grouped by grade levels.

Common Sense Press – http://www.commonsensepress.com/covers.htm – This program is called “Learning Language Arts through Literature.”

Winter Promise – http://www.winterpromise.com/ – This curriculum is not Literature only.  It incorporates Science and History.


Curriculum choices for homeschool literature, unfortunately, are few and far between, but don’t let that deter you.

Figuring out a way to implement a home-made curriculum is so easy, just do the following steps:

  • Sift through reading lists to find age appropriate material. (The easiest way I’ve found to do this is put into search “Reading level of …”.  Go to the Scholastic site and it will give it to you.)
  • Find a good literature unit to go with your picks to save time with vocabulary and comprehension questions (Choose books you’ve read and loved to make things even easier)
  • Make a schedule of how long you would like this literature unit to last (look at the chapters and decide how many per week is realistic for your reader to get through)
  • We create a Reading Journal for each book.  This is a place that she can write her vocabulary, answer chapter questions, and write journal answers as well.
  • Assign vocabulary prior to reading
  • Assign reading
  • Assign comprehension questions
  • Have them do a book report or poster presentation of the book

To show you what I mean, I have included some of the websites I am using for our Charlotte’s Web study.

For Charlotte’s Web:





After browsing through these different sites, I found vocabulary, questions for different chapters, quizzes, and many activities. I would then organized what I wanted to use.  Abby and I would look at the book and make a plan for her readings, she would make her reading journal and I would write her assignments down in her plan book.  Her assignments include readings, vocabulary, questions after reading, and activities.  To culminate the book I will assign either a book report, a poster presentation or some other book report style.  Some other examples for book reports are “make a book cover”, “Beginning, Middle and End foldable”, “Make a poster to Promote the book”, and many more.

I hope this helps.

The many other curriculum and websites presented were:


4 in a row – http://www.fiarhq.com/


Lightening Literature – https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/Materials/mLightning.aspx




If you would like to view the webcast click here.

This next week we will be looking at how you can use the internet in your homeschool. My webcast will be on Thursday,April 12th, this next week.

The schedule for the next month is:

April 12th – Using the Internet in your Homeschool

April 17th – Handwriting Curriculum and Tools

April 24th – Organizing Your Homeschool – Tools and Suggestions

May 1st – Creative Writing – The Writing Notebook and Process

I hope to see you there.