This webcast could have been titled “Internet Projects”, since that is what was discussed.  I did a lot of reseach looking for interesting projects that homeschoolers would be interested in.  I found so many!  The first website I found had a list of projects.

Online Projects for Kids – I did find that there were some links that were broken (no longer worked).  Here are some of the projects I thought were interesting.  There are many more.

The Elephants of Cameroon – looked interesting.  Join the North Carolina Zoo and a team of researchers on an interactive project to track and study elephanst in northern Cameroon.

Bucket Buddies – Students around the United States and other countries will collect samples from local ponds to answer the question: Are the organisms found in pond water the same all over the world? Participants will: Identify organisms in a water sample. Compare their findings with other participating classes. Determine which, if any, of the organisms are the same in other, more distant water sources. Look for relationships and trends in the data collected by all project participants. Bucket Buddies is recommended for elementary school students (grades 1-5) .

eIditarod Project – very cool.  time – register in Jan. This link was not working on the Projects website, but I found it through google.  As classes prepare to follow the Iditarod Sled Dog Race this year, consider joining the eIditarod project! We are an elementary school with a Science-based curriculum just outside Washington, D.C., and we would love to have you join us!
Participating classes will study the trail and musher biographies, create a wall-sized map of the trail, select a musher to follow in this year’s race, track the selected musher’s progress as the race occurs, email the project as the selected musher reaches each stop on the trail, receive a response from us here at the project each time you write, complete the problem solving tasks we send you via email, arrive in Nome vicariously with your selected musher, submit your final written task ( a letter to your musher) to the project for publication on our website.

GeoGame Project – The object of this game is to try to learn where the TEACHER PAL classrooms are located, and learn a little United States geography at the same time.

Another website I found that had many projects was  The Center for Inovation in Engineering and Science Education

I looked under the “Real Time Data Projects and found some very cool looking projects.

The Stowaway Adventure – using live remote sensing data from cargo ships at sea to take students on a virtual adventure. Focus is on math concepts and navigation.

I clicked on this one thinking it was about music.   Musical Plates – Explore the relationship between earthquakes and plate tectonics using real time earthquake data.

Wonderful World of Weather – This real time data module has been created for use by students in the elementary grades to allow them to investigate weather phenomenon both locally as well as in other places around the world.

Another great website is:  Quest Nasa

This website has 27 projects listed  Internet Projects Registry   On this website I found a project that I really loved.  It is called The Day I was Born Project  I really like this project.  The students research what happened in the world on the day they were born.  Then send in a report to the project.  The project is compiling a history book with all the data that has been sent in.  I love that there is a tangible result to this project.

Another project I found that I am planning on doing myself is  Skype R’ US  This project is from a 1st grade classroom in Iowa.  They want to Skype with classrooms in every state.  They are not even close.  I called Mr. Fenstermaker, the teacher, and ask him if he would be interested in talking to homeschoolers.  He was very excited.  He said he has never had a homeschool class participate, but he thought it was a great idea.  I asked him if I could present his project and he said yes.  They would love to Skype with any homeschoolers that were willing.  So if you could participate it would help their state count.  He has a map on his website showing which states they still need.  My homeschool co-op group will be Skypeing with them in May.

There were some websites that were suggested during the webcast.  One of those were School House Teachers, one our viewers thought that there were projects on this website but couldn’t find them because of a new website format.  I went to the website but couldn’t find them either.  You might have more luck.  If anyone does find them please come back and leave me a message.

Another suggestion was Lego Quest.  This is good link.

The last suggestion was PBS Kids Go; Design Squad Nation.  There were many, many projects on this site.  Some were interactive and some were not.  But this is a wonderful site!  I plan on spending some “quality” time checking this site out.

One of the things we discussed on the webcast was that many of these projects were great for boys.  We seemed to be able to find many things for our girls, but very few for our boys.  So this gives us some options for those active boys.

I hope these projects get you inspired to go out there and find one to participate in.

See you next week!