March AND April Monthly activities

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I am just so far behind!! So today I’m going to post both March and April activities, so I’ll be ahead for a change.

March Activities

March 2 – Dr. Seuss’ birthday
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
March 20, 2014 – Spring begins

Study Dr. Seuss’ life
Read Dr. Seuss books – especially “Hurrah for Diffendoffer Day”, Dr. Seuss’ last book.
Eat green eggs and ham

truffula tree craft 4
Make Truffula Trees pencils – The Country Chic Cottage has over 40 crafts to celebrate Dr. Seuss.

Study the life of St. Patrick and Ireland
Sing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” or listen to it.

Make a Luck of the Irish mobile

Make Rainbow Pudding Treats – Recipe

Mom It Forward has 16 St. Patrick’s Day crafts

**Make toothpick and tissue paper mini-kites for the Season’s Tree.

Make a sled kite.

Make wind chimes. Remember March is the windy month.

March 1st – Iditarod Race begins
National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
National Pig Day

March 2nd – Read Across America Day

March 3rd – National Anthem Day
Mardi Gras

March 4th – First meeting of Congress (1789)

March 5th – Boston Massacre (1770)

For more daily events go to The Teachers Corner

April Monthly Activities

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

**Make mini umbrellas for the Season’s tree

April 13 – Palm Sunday
April 15 – Full Moon
April 20 – Easter
April 22 – Earth Day
April 25 – Arbor Day

Sing, sing, sing – “Rain, Rain, Go Away”, “Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head”, Though April Showers May Come Your Way”, and “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”.

Make a Rainy Day Can of activities – Write on separate cards some activities that would be fun and entertaining on a rainy day. Decorate the can with raindrops and umbrellas.

Write a poem about rain


Study ocean creatures and make paper plate creatures.

Study the phases of the moon. For a month starting April 15 make a Moon Phase journal. To make the journal, 1)cut blank typing paper in half, 2)stack, 3)get one piece of construction paper and fold over stacked sheets, 4)staple together.

Every night for a month, go outside before bedtime and look at the moon. Record the date, time and what you see. Allow your child to draw the moon that he/she sees. At the end of the month, you should see all the phases of the moon. If it is cloudy and you cannot see the moon, record that in your journal.

Study the phases of the moon. Go to DLTK Teach for directions.

Make an edible moon phase craft.

Make your own Resurrection Eggs – At Life Your Way, she shows you how and you can download a booklet as well.

April 1st – April Fool’s Day
One Cent Day

April 2nd – Author Hans Christian Andersen born, 1805
International Children’s Book Day

April 3rd – First Documented Ice Cream Sundae Made in 1892
Find-A-Rainbow Day
Pony Express established (1860)
First iPad sold in the U.S. (2010)

For more daily events go to The Teachers Corner

I hope you enjoy the monthly activities. If you are making your own Season’s Tree, I would love to see pictures.



Our Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up

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This week has been a slow week for us because of illness, but I wanted to get back in the habit of doing a wrap-up.  So here I go:

Grammar – We finished PACE 1066 and she has started 1067.  We are working on adjectives and adverbs again.  This time around it seems to be easier.

Reading – In reading Abby is reading “The Spy”.  It is a little harder book, so I’m allowing her to listen to an audio version, which she of course loves.  She does have to read a chapter review and answer comprehension questions.

Writing – This week Abby is working on a descriptive essay.  She had to pick something to describe and is now going through the essay paragraph by paragraph.

Spelling – Our spelling list this week is contractions, academic words, and two sight words.

Math – We have been working on pre-algebra, fractions and decimals.  Today we did stem and leaf plots and Box and Whisker.  This was a little tedious, but it is necessary.

History – This week we started studying Ancient Rome.  We are studying architecture, battles, religion and much more.

Science – We have finishing up our study of “flying things” in the next two weeks.  This week we have been studying for chapter 10 test.

Well that’s it!!

Our Homeschool so far.

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We started school this year early, because of the trips we will be taking.  Our start date was July 15th, so we are on week 10 this week.  I’d like to review what we have accomplished thus far.

In Grammar, we have been working on verbs and their tenses.  Present, Past, Future and the participle tenses.  It has been slow, but she is getting it!

In Reading she has read some great poetry, an epic poem, and has just completed the book Penrod and Sam.  She has also just completed a book review for that book.

In writing she has written an essay on “Micro Bats”, and has submitted it online for peer review. This was a neat experience.  She submitted hers and reviewed another person’s essay.  It has really helped her to be more careful in her writing.

For Math was are using Saxon 87 and she has completed lesson 25.  We are also working on Multiplication and Division review.

In History she has been studying ancient cultures.  We have done Greece, China and the Mayans.  We are now starting to read about ancient India.  For the Mayan’s, she did a Power Point presentation and presented it to our family.  For each culture she has done a timeline including economic, social, art, music and religion.  She also takes all kinds of notes of what she has read.

IMG_1478   IMG_1479   IMG_1477

We will use these timelines to then put them together to see how these cultures overlapped.  During the section on ancient China, she made a scroll with Chinese lettering of the Buddha’s five virtues.


In Science we have learned about birds, bats and flying reptiles.  We have completed a lapbook component, taken notes and done a crossword puzzle for each chapter.

IMG_1473     IMG_1474    IMG_1475

Some of the activities we have done have been recording what birds come to our bird feeders, we have taken some great pictures of hummingbirds, we have gone outside and measured the wingspan of several types of Pterosaurs and we have made a fossil egg.  We are about to start a chapter on insects.


As part of our school, we attend a co-op every Friday.  Our day at co-op includes an assembly, choir practice and then three classes that change every month.  This month we have art, book club and PE.  This past Friday we had an unexpected visitor who brought along a Sugar Glider.  She was so cute!  All the children were able to pet her and watch her climb on everything.

IMG_1457   IMG_1465

Abby is also learning Hindi in anticipation of her visit to India.  She is working on Hindi greetings and other phrases she might need in India.  We found a good site for conversational Hindi, Hindipod101.

I’ll try and keep a journal here of our activities as well as pictures.

Classifying Donuts

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We did a short but fun science activity today that I thought I would share.  We have been studying Classifying Animals.  So today we Classified Donuts to show how classification works.  Here are some pictures.

  We classified the donuts into groups by shape, size and then flavor for the round group and then by shape and flavor for the non round group.

  This is the chart after we finished.

  This is Abby eating the experiment.

This was short, but fun AND delicious.

Webcast – Science Curriculum Review

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Today we discussed different Science curriculum.  I presented two: Classic Science and Apologia Elementary Science.

Classic Science is a free online science curriculum.  It can be found at Classic Science. So far we are enjoying it.  I don’t think it is Christian based but I haven’t found anything objectionable.  We have studied what science is, abiotic and biotic, biomes, organisms and have just started on a chapter on Planets.  I have printed off the units as we get to them.  It has been suggested that the students can read the material online and then you only have print out the puzzles and questions at the end of each chapter.  There are also activities that are listed in the Teacher’s guide which you also download for free.  The outline for this curriculum is one day reading and answering questions and then two days doing the experiments/activities.  It’s a great curriculum.  This is the only one that this particular person has for free.  He is hoping you like it so well, you will come back and buy the others.

Apologia many of you know about.  It is Christian based, and is very comprehensive.  The cost is around $60 for both the book and the notebook.  The notebook is well worth the price.  It is in a “notebooking” format, so it gives your child an artistic outlet.  I really like it!  There is Botany, Astronomy, Zoology I, II and III (Flying Animals, Swimming Animals, and Land Animals).  There is also Anatomy.  The website to check it out is Apologia Science.

Some of the other curriculums that were mentioned were:

Joy Hakim’s – Story of Science

Little Otter’s Science  and  Otter’s Science

Considering God’s Creation

Winter Promise

I failed to mention another curriculum that I have found.  The website is

On her page she lists a curriculum that she wrote.  It is listed on the left hand side of the page, the first link “Free Curriculum – homeschool for free”.  Then click on the Earth Science link.  This curriculum looks very good!!  All of the material that she references is on that page. I really like it!

Another one that I liked was: Otter’s Science.  You scroll down to just past “Testimonies”.  Then click on  Otter’s Elementary Homeschool Science Curriculum.  Then scroll down to where she lists the weeks.  It looks like a good curriculum as well.  You do have to either buy or find the books at the library, but it has some very good stuff.

The other links that were shared are:  –  This is puzzle maker site. – This website has many different subjects you can cover.  I think it would be great as supplement to any lessons you might have. – This is free Aviation course for high schoolers. – This website has many books that will go well with all subjects.  The books can be downloaded or read online. –  The is a sustainable agriculture curriculum that is also free.  It is on a high school level.  But the lady that presented it said her 7th grader was doing fine with it.


I hope this helps.  Don’t forget we will be discussing Language Arts next week, Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 3:30pm Central time.

If you have any questions please email me at

Thanks and I’ll see you next week.




Making an edible layers of the earth

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Hi guys, today we discussed how to make an edible model of the layers of the earth.  If you would like to watch the video you can go to this link is for the first part of the webcast.  I got disconnected at one point and had to start the recording over so this is the link for the second part.


The resources for this webcast are:

Lessons for teaching Layers of the earth:  and  The second has many resources.  Make sure you check these out ahead of time, I looked at them quickly.

This link is for how to complete the edible model.

The materials for making the edible model is:

cherry or raisins, large marshmallow, four rice krispie treats or homemade rice krispie treats, Magic Shell chocolate syrup, knife, toothpicks, and food gloves.

I hope you enjoy this great hands-on activity.

If you have questions you can email me at

See you next week!