Our Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up

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This week has been a slow week for us because of illness, but I wanted to get back in the habit of doing a wrap-up.  So here I go:

Grammar – We finished PACE 1066 and she has started 1067.  We are working on adjectives and adverbs again.  This time around it seems to be easier.

Reading – In reading Abby is reading “The Spy”.  It is a little harder book, so I’m allowing her to listen to an audio version, which she of course loves.  She does have to read a chapter review and answer comprehension questions.

Writing – This week Abby is working on a descriptive essay.  She had to pick something to describe and is now going through the essay paragraph by paragraph.

Spelling – Our spelling list this week is contractions, academic words, and two sight words.

Math – We have been working on pre-algebra, fractions and decimals.  Today we did stem and leaf plots and Box and Whisker.  This was a little tedious, but it is necessary.

History – This week we started studying Ancient Rome.  We are studying architecture, battles, religion and much more.

Science – We have finishing up our study of “flying things” in the next two weeks.  This week we have been studying for chapter 10 test.

Well that’s it!!


Our Homeschool so far.

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We started school this year early, because of the trips we will be taking.  Our start date was July 15th, so we are on week 10 this week.  I’d like to review what we have accomplished thus far.

In Grammar, we have been working on verbs and their tenses.  Present, Past, Future and the participle tenses.  It has been slow, but she is getting it!

In Reading she has read some great poetry, an epic poem, and has just completed the book Penrod and Sam.  She has also just completed a book review for that book.

In writing she has written an essay on “Micro Bats”, and has submitted it online for peer review. This was a neat experience.  She submitted hers and reviewed another person’s essay.  It has really helped her to be more careful in her writing.

For Math was are using Saxon 87 and she has completed lesson 25.  We are also working on Multiplication and Division review.

In History she has been studying ancient cultures.  We have done Greece, China and the Mayans.  We are now starting to read about ancient India.  For the Mayan’s, she did a Power Point presentation and presented it to our family.  For each culture she has done a timeline including economic, social, art, music and religion.  She also takes all kinds of notes of what she has read.

IMG_1478   IMG_1479   IMG_1477

We will use these timelines to then put them together to see how these cultures overlapped.  During the section on ancient China, she made a scroll with Chinese lettering of the Buddha’s five virtues.


In Science we have learned about birds, bats and flying reptiles.  We have completed a lapbook component, taken notes and done a crossword puzzle for each chapter.

IMG_1473     IMG_1474    IMG_1475

Some of the activities we have done have been recording what birds come to our bird feeders, we have taken some great pictures of hummingbirds, we have gone outside and measured the wingspan of several types of Pterosaurs and we have made a fossil egg.  We are about to start a chapter on insects.


As part of our school, we attend a co-op every Friday.  Our day at co-op includes an assembly, choir practice and then three classes that change every month.  This month we have art, book club and PE.  This past Friday we had an unexpected visitor who brought along a Sugar Glider.  She was so cute!  All the children were able to pet her and watch her climb on everything.

IMG_1457   IMG_1465

Abby is also learning Hindi in anticipation of her visit to India.  She is working on Hindi greetings and other phrases she might need in India.  We found a good site for conversational Hindi, Hindipod101.

I’ll try and keep a journal here of our activities as well as pictures.

Language Arts Curriculum


Today we are talking about Language Arts Curriculum.  But before we do that I’d like to tell you about two Science related things I found since last week.  The first one is on the website, www.homeschoolfreestuff.wordpress.com .  If go click on “free curriculum” and then scroll down just a little and look at her Earth Science.  It is really good.  She wrote the curriculum herself.  The other is found on the “Answers in Genesis” site.  It is 11 booklets that I think are great.  The site is Answers in Genesis.

So I would first like to show you the curriculum I am currently using.  For English/Grammar we are using ACE.  The reason I like this curriculum is because it is comprehensive and compact.  We also like the diagramming feature.  Abby really seems to do well with that.  Most children connect abstract ideas better, if they can use more senses than just hearing and seeing.  The diagramming does that.  For writing we use Writing Strands level 3.  She doesn’t like it, but she is doing well in it.  Spelling we are doing are doing our own thing, but we will begin using Sequential Spelling.  I really think it is a good program. We started it but then let it go by the wayside, but I think we are going to stick with it this time.  Abby doesn’t spell well, so I really need to work harder on that subject.

This week I got my friends involved so I have a couple of other curriculum to share.  One of the best programs that I know of is Easy Grammar and Daily Grams.  Together they are truly the best program around.  I think the only downfall is that they don’t do any diagramming.  Another curriculum is using the Spalding Method.  It is The Writing Road to Reading.

I also found three different online, free curriculum that I would like to share.

http://www.dailygrammar.com/archive.html  –  Daily Grammar.  This is an online curriculum that can be printed out.

http://www.oldfashionededucation.com/fullcurriculum.htm  –  Old Fashioned Education.  This site has an entire curriculum.

http://home.pct.edu/~evavra/KISS.htm  –  KISS Grammar.  This is a revolutionary program to teach grammar.  It is different, but what I saw it looked good.  It is very intensive!

During the webcast there were many other suggestions.  So I will list those here:

http://www.sfreading.com/resources/ghb.html – Scott Foresman online grammar

http://gardenofpraise.com/mugram.htm – Garden of Praise Grammar Songs

http://www.squidoo.com/grammar-for-homeschool – Grammar for Homeschool

http://highland.hitcho.com.au/langartforms.htm – Language Art Forms

http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/curriculum/languagearts/elementary/greatgrammaradv.pdf – Great Grammar Adventure

http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/seminar – Excellence in Writing website

http://www.english-grammar-revolution.com/index.html – The Grammar Revolution- Grammar the easy way

http://www.theteachersguide.com/grammarworksheets.htm – The Teacher’s Guide – Grammar Printables

http://donnayoung.org/english/grammar.htm – Donna Young – Grammar


I hope this helps everyone in looking into your Language Arts programs before going to the Homeschool Conventions.  I’ll see you next week.  Don’t forget to bring your math suggestions.  And then on April 3rd we will be discussing Literature.

Have a wonderful week!



Our Curriculum for 2011-2012


I have been asked what curriculum we are using for this school year.  So I thought I’d put it up.


We are doing daily devotions using, “100 days to a radical change.”  I’m looking into some other devotion books to continue with.

Language Arts:

Grammar: We use ACE

Spelling:  I am using spelling list with a combination of spelling rules, sight words, and words from her science or history.

Reading:  In reading we are in a small co-op book club, plus she is doing the American Girls Club online.   

Writing:  I have found a wonderful website:  www.homeschoolfreestuff.wordpress.com   Many of the free online resources I have found, I have found here.  For Writing, we are using a textbook I found on this site.  It is called The Young Writers Workbooks.


Math: We are using ACE.  My daughter loves the smaller PACE books.

Science:  For science I found this great free textbook.  The website is:  http://eequalsmcq.com/classicsciinfo.htm   So far we are really enjoying it.  We are also doing this with the small co-op.

History:  We have just started “The Story of the World”.  We got both the book and the workbook.  I like it very much.

Geography:  I have explained our Geography in the post just before this one.  So please look at it.

You can click on any of the pictures and go to the website for that particular resource.

If you have any questions, please ask.


My future curriculum

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I have been looking into curriculum for next year and I think I have decided what we will be using this coming school year.  First of all let me introduce you to a wonderful website I have come across, Homeschool Free Stuff.  This is a wonderful website.  She has done a lot of research and found some great free sites.  She probounds that you can homeschool totally free.  Check it out and tell me what you think. 

My Curriculum:

Language Arts – I’ll be using many things from the above website, Homeschool Free Stuff

                                 Grammer – Easy Grammer and Daily Grams

                                 Spelling – Super Teacher Worksheets

                                 Writing – Young Novelist Workbooks

                                  Reading – I’ll be using “living” books as well as some novel studies

Math – Math U See

History –  The Story of the World

                     Homeschool Free Stuff

Geography – US States – this will be my own curriculum.  If anyone is interested in what I’ll be doing just let me know.

Science – Classic Science Life Science

I’m excited about this next year.  Most of my curriculum is free.  The only things I will be paying for is “The Story of the World” ($66), “Math U See” ($100), “Easy Grammer” and “Daily Grams” (these two I already have, but they run about $33 and $25).  All the rest of it is free on the different websites.

Our Spelling Program


Spelling has been a trial and error kind of thing for us.  We have been using ACE Word Building for spelling, but she has about 50 words per book.  Its just too much for her. A couple of weeks ago, I started trying something on our own which has worked pretty well.  I found the concept at Unique Teaching Resources , this is a great site.  I’ve used some of her book report templates and Abby and Kristin have really enjoyed them.  Getting back to spelling, her philosophy is to build your own spelling word list.  You get 7 words from the most commonly used words in our language, 7 words from the most commonly misspelled words in our language, and 7 words from a spelling rule.  So you only have 21 words per week.  For Abby that has been more manageable.  I had to look up the basic spelling rules, but from there it has been easy.

I am going to try another program also with Abby.  Its called Sequential Spelling.  They have a website if you would like to check them out.  I think this program will help Abby start from the easiest words and work up.  I also think it will help her gain some confidence with her spelling.  I’m hoping to use this program with both the girls.  It has a pretty good remedial tract, if the student needs more help. I’ll post on how it’s going as we work through each program.