I will be webcasting again soon.

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I’m so excited that I will be webcasting again soon.  I’ll let you all know when I begin again. I know I will be doing a couple of holiday webcasts, but then I will begin doing my weekly webcasts after the first of the year.  SO if you have something you would like for me to cover in my webcasts please let me know.  I am again going to do some lapbooking and/or notebooking. I plan on covering some topics that are subject specific, such as using timelines in History, Nature/Science notebooks, and tips for teaching math. I’m also doing some research for a webcast on teaching and motivation tactics.  So let me know if these interest you and if you have suggestions.

I’ve also talked to Paul about doing a class online for elementary students.  My thoughts were something like a book club or unit study that the children could be a part of.  We would meet online either once a week or once a month to discuss the topic.  I would really like to know if that would interest anyone.  If it does please comment and let me know.  I think it would be a great motivator for the children.

School is going really well. We have changed a couple of things.  We are still using ACE for English and Math, but as soon as she finishes the PACES we have in Math we will be changing to Saxon 76. I was able to buy a Rod & Staff Spelling book, so we are using that. We are still doing writing on our own and she is doing really well with that.  We have been reading Little Women and I’ve been writing a unit study on the book.  I’m hoping to have it ready by the first of the year.  History and Science are still “Mystery of History” and “Apologia”.  Right now we are doing a unit study on Thanksgiving, so we have stopped History and Science for a bit.

Let me know how your school is going.  I’d love to hear from you.




Webcast – History Curriculum, Activities, and Timelines

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Today we will discuss History curriculum, activities we do with our History curriculm and how to make a timeline.  First I’d like to tell you about the curriculum that I use.  We are currently using “The Story of the World”.  I bought the soft cover book and the activity book.  I really like the review questions, the map work and the activities that are available in this book.  The activity book has both the teacher’s guide and the student workbook in it.  Every chapter has a reading portion in the book, questions, map work and activities in the activity book.  These books sell for around $12.00 for the book and $ 23.50 for the activity book.  The hardbond book runs about $16.00.

The activities that I add to this are our timeline and a lapbook.  I found the lapbook components on this website:  The Chronicle of the Earth  This is a good website by a homeschooling family.

Our timeline we made from file folders.  Here is a picture:

This is just the start of our timeline, but we are both very excited about it.  We started at Creation (4000 BC) and we have gone to about 2100 BC.  I’m not sure of some of my dates, but its fun to try and figure it out.

The other two curriculums that I have to show are “The Mystery of History”.  The curriculum begins with Biblical history and intertwines both Biblical and World history.  So you can see how things lined up.  She also has questions, activities and map work.  She also adds pretests, and tests.  This curriculum runs around $39.00 and will last an entire year.  The third curriculum is called “TruthQuest History”.  This curriculum has you reading about the history through library books.  She gives you an overview of the time period and then gives you a list of library books for you to read.  The curriculum is around $25.00.

The rest of the webcast was talking about what other curriculums were used and liked.

You can view the webcast at: Justin.tv

If there are any questions please email me at cstanley@afr.net

thanks and I’ll see you next week.